“MiC – Roma Capitale Museums”: Grand Opening in Second Life

Monday, October 18, at 22.00, Inauguration of  “MiC – Roma Capitale Museums” in Second Life!
Acquired by the Comune di Roma Capitale through Zetema, the Society which manages the museums of the Roman civic circuit, and managed by Marina Bellini (Mexi Lane), responsible for the Communication 2.0 of the Museums within the Comune, the Sim will be an important cultural centre in which virtual exhibits representing current real life exhibits in the museums, will be displayed and where space will be dedicated to avantguard metaverse artists, who in turn, will present their own personal immersive exhibits. Every exhibit will be video recorded and distributed on the Museums’ channels and also throughout the Metro and Bus transport systems of Rome. The videos will unite the virtual exhibits and the real life exhibits currently on display in the museums,  and at the Macro of Rome, a dedicated space will be set aside for the Virtual Expo currently exhibited at MiC.
A programme will also be organised for lectures, meetings and events which will be open to original proposals that can be submitted to the Art Director, through Mexi Lane, either via notecards (within SL) or e-mail: mar.bellini@gmail.com.
From January 2011, this formation will be given space with the collaboration of an important local agency of Roma Capitale.
With the direction of Mexi Lane, the evocative design of the meeting place has been staged by Rumegash Altamura and Patrizia Blessed. A look to the Past to Live for the Future, using  references from Ancient Rome and of its capital wonders, which have provided in its absolute exclusivity, the major part of the textures for the construction; from the wall of the “Tempio di Giove” under the room of “Marco Aurelio” at the “Musei Capitolini”, to the friezes of the “Tabularium”,  even to the Roman walls of the “Galleria Lapidaria”, and to finish with the precious objects of the “Palazzo Nuovo”.
The textures and objects have been crafted by good builders and designers using Blender, Photoshop and Gimp, to achieve the most realistic effects possible in the Metaverse. Some details have been undertaken by Antosperandeo Allen, Solkide Auer, Maryva Mayo and Flavio Dayafter.
A small part of the island is home to the Vetasl’s Cave, an evocative and fascinating place, where cultural meetings which require particular emotional attention, will take place.
All that remains now is for you to come and share with us this exceptional event, and to see the concrete presence of the Comune di Roma Capitale in our extraordinary world of Second Life.
We are waiting for you!

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MiC/206/154/40